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Various Updates

Posted by Dabloons - 3 weeks ago

Been a little neglectful of Newgrounds for a bit, if only because me hopping onto Pillowfort means my desire to have something resembling a public gallery site with tags and organization was finally being fulfilled. I'm not that active on Newgrounds to begin with honestly, but I'm still grateful to everyone who's appreciated and supported my art here.

If any of the non-porn on this account's ever intrigued you, I've made a SFW art account on Twitter. It was really just my original account, but until a couple months or so I've been a little hesitant about crossing the streams. My art life's kinda taken off as Dabloons, though, so I figured there wasn't much of a downside and decided to restart it anew. (I don't intend on making a Rivux Newgrounds account, though, I highly doubt Rivux runs the risk of getting booted off social media compared to Dabloons haha.)

You don't have to worry about whether to call me Dabloons or Rivux by the way, I'll answer to either.

Business-wise, I've recently started doing commissions again as well. Hopefully on a more regular basis since I'm a little jobless right now. I usually announce when they're open on Twitter, so sorry to everyone who'd really just rather stick to Newgrounds.

To supplement my lack of a job I've also recently opened a Patreon. Been pretty hesitant about it in the past because I worried about making enough content to justify it, but I've been pretty excited so far! If you want to support it I'd highly appreciate it, but no pressure.

Thanks again for everyone's support.